Family Lawyer in Ahmedabad

The family lawyer deals with all types of legal family matters & domestic relationships. The name itself suggests that it’s an area of law that covers only disputes within families. The best part is that this law includes almost all religions, castes, custom tradition and solve their dispute in a good manner. A family lawyer analyzes your concerns and thereafter, provide you legal advice and defend you in the court. Are you looking for a family lawyer who can handle all your family disputes and related legal matters in Ahmedabad? Parth Raval is right here to help you. Contact now!

Parth Raval – Best Family Court Lawyer in Ahmedabad

Parth Raval specializes in family law and has been helping families solving their disputes for several years. We have years of experience and a special team who can look into your family matters and provide you accurate solutions to your family disputes. We have around 90% success rate in family legal matters & always ensure that the verdict comes in our clients’ favor. We have a special department for family-related disputes.

Family Law Services Includes:

With having vast knowledge and years of experience in the field, we provide several types of family law-related services including:

  • Marriage and/or partnerships
  • Divorce Case and Mutual Divorce
  • Spousal Support or Alimony
  • Children Custody
  • Annulment of Marriage
  • Wife and Children Maintenance
  • Foreign & NRI Divorce Advises
  • Domestic Violence
  • Surrogacy & Adoption
  • Property Settlement
  • Child Abuse & Child Protective Proceedings
  • Paternity
  • Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements
  • Pension Splitting
  • Dowry & Cruelty Against Wife
Family Advocate in Ahmedabad
Family Court Lawyer Ahmedabad
Family Lawyer Ahmedabad

Why Hire Adv. Parth Raval as Your Family Attorney?

The Best Divorce Case Lawyer in Ahmedabad: Any issues related to divorce including alimony, property settlement or child custody, our team can help you defend in a courtroom and do all the legal paperwork.

  • More than 90% success ration in Family Law cases
  • Helped several mothers in paternity and child custody cases
  • Good at “Division of Property” family issues
  • Reasonable fees structure
  • Free consultation with support
  • Monitor your case 24X7
  • Believe in customer satisfaction & follow result driven approach

Looking for the best family court lawyer in Ahmedabad to get your family disputes solved and in your favor? Parth Raval and the team are here to help you. Parth Raval is mainly available at his office located in Khokhra and at City Civil & Sessions Court, Ahmedabad. He does work at other courts of Gujarat as well. Need any kind of help regarding family matters; dial the number today at +91 88662 57585 or simply drop a message at

When you are feeling hassles with life with your partner, divorce might be the best solution. Seeking the best lawyer in Ahmedabad is necessary when you need to be successful in the case. Are you searching for such a great one? Seeking the help of the best lawyer in Ahmedabad becomes the best solution. Visit me and now and I will help you to get rid-off the bitter life that you are facing now, so continue with the bright life ahead!